Greenbuilders, Inc. was established in 2004, license MHIC #86807. Our crew includes more than fifty highly specialized subcontractors, ranging from lathe turners to drywall finishers to stone masons.

Greenbuilders, Inc. mission is to change our industry and help consumers realize their dreams of beautiful, unique, affordable green construction projects.
Our definition of GREEN is taken from the international LEED rating system, which includes five major elements: THE SITE, WATER, ENERGY, MATERIALS, and INDOOR AIR QUALITY. We begin our work with a new client with a two-hour working session at which we analyze your “green profile” and design a project concept which follows your priorities and meets your budget.


About our services

Most small builders have a crew which does the majority of the work. We have found that we can give better quality for the same price by using specialist subcontractors and careful construction scheduling. Each specialist comes to the site on time; the site is ready for them; they do what they do best and then we are ready for the next step. Our craftsmen are local, often carrying on a family tradition, and they love what they do and we support our community by providing good work for local skilled craftspeople.

We include our subcontractors on the design team from the beginning. Because the quality and interest of what we’ve done together is high, our projects are often photographed and featured in major local publications.

We are believers that the green experience is about quality of life. During construction, there will be field trips to interesting workshops and showrooms where we’ll assist you with project selections. Our clients may help us lay out a spectacular crystal-laced soapstone slab, or visit a local mill shop to inspect grain on a reclaimed wood we are considering.

On the other hand, most of our clients are extremely busy. You’ll participate as much as you wish, but when it’s easier for you, we do everything, including watering your plants when you’re away. Let us spoil you!

We like kids! We’ll schedule a kids’ pre-construction meeting and go over the drawings and what to expect, and we’ll respond to their questions and needs throughout the process.


About our clients

Whether Dean of a local University, CEO of a successful small business, world-renowned classical musician, or stay-at-home Mom, our clients are take-charge people, passionately involved with their families, their communities — and of course their homes. Highly educated and thoughtful, our clients want to go the extra mile in care and craftsmanship in the design process, because they know that is how an exceptional project is created. One or both partners are interested in aspects of green, but they have many other priorities which all must be balanced, including good value for money spent and maintaining market value of a major asset, their home.


About Polly Bart

Polly Bart graduated from Harvard University cum laude with a degree in architecture. She was the third woman to receive the PhD in city planning from the University of California at Berkeley. She was one of four writers who created the President’s Urban Policy Report to Congress in 1980. In 1984, she transferred to the private sector and has worked in construction as an entrepreneur for twenty-five years. As chair of the greenbuilding subcommittee of Baltimore County’s Commission on Environmenatal Quality she was instrumental in passage of Maryland’s first tax credit legislation to encourage LEED-certified construction.

Dr. Bart is active with the local chapters of the US Greenbuilding Council, the American Institute of Architects and the Associated Builders and Contractors. In addition to extensive workshops and speaking engagements, her work has been covered by all the major local publications, including Style Magazine, Chesapeake Home and Living, Urbanite, the Daily Record, Baltimore Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, and the Washington Post.